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Our Services

IHT+ has learned over twenty seven years the expertise for all elements of successful home technology installations, delivered in the United Kingdom, European and International countries. We have worked hand in hand with our clients, architects, interior designers and developers, often of varying cultures to deliver completely bespoke projects aligned exactly with their needs and requirements. This puts us in a unique position of working with and understanding our clients vision when delivering an end to end home technology experience for a smart home, home cinema or other element of home technology. 

Home Cinema & Media Rooms

Home Cinema always should make you forget you are sitting in a room...the experience so immersive...whatever your well as a dedicated Cinema room, you can now enjoy a totally immersive and magical experience of the movies in your Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Garden and any other indoor or outdoor spaces through the use of careful planning and design...

Smart Homes

Our smart home designs personalised to you, transform your living spaces, we use proven home technology and design, and combine audio visual and home automation, that integrates seamlessly into your personal create beautiful experiences using all the smart home elements available to us aligned with you and your families needs allowing us to deliver home technology experiences that exceed your expectations...

Audio Visual

Move your emotions with great sound or vision, now the possibilities are endless for one room, or many rooms throughout your home. Your choice. 

We create amazing experiences with sound and vision utilising twenty seven years of knowledge and know how, to give you the best in sound and vision quality with ease and simplicity of operation...


Well thought out lighting design and control, can bring an ambiance and character to your home and personal space at the touch of a single backlit engraved button...IHT+ have been designing intuitive lighting keypads in every project for the last ten years, why? Because we understood a long time ago the benefits of backlit, engraved lighting buttons and realised many years before that we have been driving cars for some years now with functions at our finger tips (often taken for granted), and all this is possible now in our homes and has been for a while if you design the lighting control personalised to you...with aesthetically pleasing frames and have the power at your finger tips...

Security & Safety

Security & Safety are another element of home technology that work seamlessly with home automation to bring another level of security and safety for your family and home. By combining security events with home automation actions...CCTV image triggers email snapshot to your phone, fire alarm or security alarm events trigger a flashing lighting scene..."internal lighting - flashes to wake you up more efficiently" & "external lighting scene strobes in the garden to scare intruders" activated by CCTV or other intelligent sensors...are just a small example of possibilities which add reassurance, another level of comfort & safety through the clever integration of all the home technology elements...

After Care +

IHT+ developed Aftercare +, a comprehensive client care package with 4 tier levels of aftercare for your home technology system, whether it be a smart home, home cinema or other home technology. With over twenty-seven years of designing, installing and supporting all types of home technology from whole smart homes, to bespoke cinema rooms, through to managing third party services directly for clients…we have support benefits to fit all sizes of automated systems. These include upgrade discounts, response times, and now we also have automated audio visual telemetry systems to automatically reset critical systems and non critical systems through the constant monitoring of all hardware of the home technology system….the reliability using AV telemetry has never been so high, and when systems are running twenty-four hours a day this gives you a huge advantage in reliability and consistent operation, so you can enjoy your smart home or cinema every day.

Home Technology Rescue


Having twenty seven years of experience and knowledge of problem solving and designing all kinds of bespoke home technology systems, we have the advantage to quickly respond and resolve complex home technology issues. After now rescuing and resolving problematic systems for many clients, we decided some years ago to offer a rescue service for any home technology issue...and to date we have resolved and often upgraded existing systems not installed by us, and we also re dress badly installed pre wire and cabling us with any home technology problem, large or small...

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