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Smart Homes

Smarter living experiences in your home no matter what size or budget personalised to you

Our smart home solutions are designed to bring together the elements of entertainment, lighting, comfort, security and safety into one easy to use interface, whether its a keypad in the room or an interface from your iPhone, ipad, MacBook air, android device or enlarged on your TV screen. Best of all, like your home, it's designed personally for you...whether its housewide or one special room or space...

Master On
Master Off
Master On

Your Connected Home - We create personalised home automation systems, connecting the elements of TV control, audio, video, lighting, heating, blinds, curtains, cctv, internal intercoms and door/gate entry and much more into a single user interface.

Your Connected Space - Have that special room, and set the scene with one button press 'Movie Night' - blinds come down, projector screen opens, projector and surround sound system - turn on, movie server or apple TV film menu appears on the cinema screen, lights dim ready for that perfect movie magic with the family.

One User Remote - No more grasping for multiple remote controls in the dark and stabbing at the buttons hoping for everything to work...replace with one user remote for your special room, ergonomically designed for single hand operation, instantly putting you in control of your whole home with single button touches of watch, listen, lighting and comfort scenes.

Events & Scenes Programmed - Every scene activated by one touch of a button is personalised to you, and your lifestyle for your personal scene, or using geo-fencing (phones GPS) - so you walk up to your home and the welcome home scene activates preset lighting levels for the whole house, favourite TV channel comes on in the kitchen, comfort settings for heating or air conditioning come on.

Access your smart home system - from your hotel, the beach, or spa from your smartphone and check the CCTV, no windows left open, speak with visitors at your door entry or gate, or change a lighting scene or select comfort settings just after you disembark from the plane on return from holiday. 

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