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Cinema & Media in every SENSE

Hidden Cinema speaker systems and configurations for 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, 7.2,9.2, 15.2, latest Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D processing for the most immersive cinema sound.

Acoustic wall , door & ceiling treatments, with acoustically perforated wall fabrics in many colours and finishes to compliment your interior design

DMX lighting design available in 255 colours, programmed ith your cinema lighting scenes for start of film, end of film credits, and other Cinema lighting scenes syhcronised  with your movie server or movie streaming source

We recommend, source and install the latest home cinema products – From the latest LED, plasma screens, 4k projectors and fixed & electric drop down screens, depending on the model featuring the latest Dolby Vision formats.

We Design and Install multifunctioning spaces – There is a range of solutions on the market that allow a generic living space to be transformed into your ultimate cinema or. media room. Recessed projectors, drop-down screens, hidden flat screens, invisible surround sound – program your sofa or cinema seats to move and vibrate  with the action synchronised to the movie content. 

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Immersive home cinema & media rooms transporting you into the heart of the action through the best in sound & video technology, expertly designed, delivered & calibrated according to your room architecture & interior. From discrete to aesthetic, from invisible to obvious...we have solutions that often, aren't known about and our passion is to  align technology with your personality and lifestyle...

Get in touch for a free home cinema & media room consultation.

  • We design and create a home cinema or media room experience that perfectly matches your requirements.

  • We also take particular care that the system is easy-to-use for all the family.

  • We use the worlds best measurement equipment to calibrate your cinema.

  • Therefore we provide the very best audio and visual experience from your investment. Equipment will only get you half way there, the rest is great design and set up, a skill we have mastered over the years.

  • We can work with either a concrete or studded room and we will acoustically measure the bare room.

  • Design and install all the sound deadening and acoustic treatments, as well as the floor, ceiling and wall coverings if required.

  • We can also  supply and install all of the equipment including the seats and finally set up the system to be at its very best both sonically and visually.

  • Finally, our engineers will carry out a final tweak to the set up after  2 or 3 months to ensure your cinema installation is at its best. 

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