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Aftercare +

Service & Support from people who know your requirements best.

IHT+ understand that a project doesn’t just end when we pack up the empty boxes and go home. The same as all other technology, regular software updates; our dedicated aftercare + contracts and call-out services are here to take care of any issues you may have further down the line, scheduling annual maintenance visits and remote access to your system - our aftercare + is included within your project proposal and also available separately. 

Now we also have intelligent monitoring that prevents callouts and visits and we affectionately call this AV Telemetry...these new systems monitor the entire installation and reboot, or self heal common issues.

All of our projects come with a one-to-one hand-over session, to deal with any last minute questions or concerns you may have.
Once the handover is completed, you will be furnished with an online portal, with a complete easy & quick learn User Guide, which includes passwords, schematics and data networking information. 

We are more than happy to also provide the same After care + package for any system not installed by us as we have twenty-severn years experience in all areas of home technology with industry support. Please contact us to discuss any of our Aftercare+ and concierge packages. 

Get in touch for a free consultation about our Aftercare+ service & support packages

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